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ORGY CASUAL SEX HOOK UP NEW SOUTH WALES My son said he could come back but had to sleep on the couch until he had organized somewhere to live. I was sensing he was hiding his phone from me for a little while, when I got a hold of it I could see he was erasing texts and calls and the internet history. Of course I feel like my romantic life and our marriage, our love story is a lie. Another alarming fact is that he escorts backpages find sexting partner looking up his ex every month on Facebook — her pictures, pictures and posts liked by her. Get to a doctor and get a complete medical exam and fuck buddy near me local women wanting sex work.
Escorts backpages find sexting partner My daughter is 27. I found out after 11 years with my partner that he was cheating. Also, I want to tell u that I have been married for 30 yrs. I try to manage it, but he will do or say something that will trigger the pain, and his control frightens me. I found out my husband of 16 years has been going to escorts on backpage.
Escortsdependent girls who just want to fuck He also swears blind he had never cheated on me, but the guy has form and this is weird behaviour. Why do you spend hours going through, just flipping, flipping, flipping? You have a support system here! I would say he is already seeing hookers. I wish you all strength and love with your journeys.

I was always too afraid to do that, in spite of the incredible risks that I would take by going into a hotel, with a strange person, in a shitty part of town with money in my pocket. Sexually compulsive behavior was my hobby. In The Mindful Habit Program, we hit six key areas: You know, their lives are falling apart. They are in crisis. I had thought about deleting that section. I have seen so many instances of men finding their sobriety, sanity, and success and one of things that helped change them is engaging in a hobby other their their sexual behavior.

Sobriety, sanity, and success through the discovery of new hobbies is the key. Yoga is my life. So, I get a great hobby because my new hobby hits a whole bunch of different areas. It hits my spirituality need. I go to yoga. It was my hobby. I would spend hours and hours a day flipping through the ads, sending a text message, not sending a text message, calling, hanging up, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking for the unicorn, like that one.

I called it fishing. Not catch and keep. In other words, I was not actually going to see a prostitute. I was not actually going to pay for sex. I was not really going to cheat on my wife. I was just fishing. And I convinced myself that that was ok. But how can you shift this energy? If your hobby was browsing Craigslist or Backpage, I just want you to reflect on the positive attributes of looking through the escort ads.

All of your negative behavior is a function of unmet needs. I want you to elevate your intellectual horsepower. I want you to elevate your connection to yourself. I want you to play mental, physical, and spiritual chess. So, why are you looking for prostitutes? Why do you spend hours going through, just flipping, flipping, flipping? I know that there were times in my life that I spent on this website just looking.

Maybe I should call. Let me save it for later. Open it in a new screen. Some of you are doing your fishing with porn. Looking, looking, looking, looking — edging, edging, edging. Since all of your negative behavior is a function of your unmet needs, you have to figure out what unmet needs that behavior was meeting for you. Did It made you feel special when they texted you back? Significance is by far the overwhelming driver.

The need for significance is the overwhelming driver in every man that I work with that sees prostitutes, including yours truly. When I walked into the room and there were two beers sitting on the table. Why is this beer here? That gesture made me feel so special!

I felt so significant. Those are fucking perverts. Your mind is waiting for that. Your addict mind is waiting for that to happen. But i m awake. He talks to escorts and chats with them even now.

Stares at other women. He promised me begged me he will change but today he agreed he was staring at my friends breast right in front of me n her husband. We went for therapy nothing changed. I love a lot may be he is not very bad as a person. He loves me and scared tht i may leave him. I gave me many chances. I know men look at other women but not at this point of time when we r in fragile condition.

I dont wanto go home like this. I m confused alone frustrated disappoint lost hope in life I dont have anyone to share. I dont know why to do. Wow, my story is brutal too. Married for 27 years together There were many signs that my hubby was into porn way too much, junk emails filling up with sex sites, embarrassing because we have grandchildren who play on our iPads and iPhones. My husband is a courier so he meets people all day long, he is a flirt, this has been a source of conflict in our marriage.

So last year my husband hurt his knee at work, he was off for 4 months. While I was at work, he was watching porn, cruising casual encounters and backpage. Looking up erotic massage. Making calls to escorts for full service massage. He wanted our vehicle all the time, I would ask why, you go to thereapy twice a week, we are low on money.

I was oblivious until last Nov, when I opened our sent emails to find an email address and there it was he answered a craigslist casual encounter ad, for sex, he wanted to help this lady out with her problem cause it seems he had the same one.

I sat at work in stunned amazement, as my mind caught up to all the signs that I had ignored. We had no sexual contact, because of his ED. I went home early from work and confronted him and of course he denied it, but I work with computers so the proof was staring him in the face.

He admitted he did it but nothing happened, he was bored….. Did I mention he was 63 years old. I started to be a detective, and then I confronted him with full disclosure. I got the truth out of him a little at a time, it took over a month. Well he was calling escorts, and going to the bank and driving to their apartments to get a massage with a handjob. He did this 10 times with 3 escorts. He was watching porn for most of the day that I was at work, or cruising hook up sites. He called our cell provider to try to have the calls erased, I already had them all..

I am 58 years old, just came out of menopause and this man has just ruined our lives. He knows it, he is so very sorry, had too much time on his hands, was curious, was in a mid life crisis, wanted to see if the ED was just with me.

He went to his doctor and got a prescription for Viagra, which he was using with the escorts. He swears it was all just for the bodyslide and handjob, there was no sex, I do not believe him. It has been 8 months and I am trying to work out this betrayal of my trust, the blow to my self esteem and my sexuality.

He refuses to go to counselling, says he will never do this again, but he has failed to tell me why he did any of it. I cry everyday for the life I have lost. I still love him, and I know he loves me, but when does this not become such an elephant in the room? When do I start to feel like myself? I am so sickened. I found out he has been going to strip clubs, googling erotic massage parlors and going there.

He admits it after I showed him I found his searches including google searches using his voice. So I had to hear his voice search for these places. Sent shivers down my spine and broke my heart all at the same time. Many are legitimate places but several are clearly not and are advertised as such. Just googling nude or erotic massage and going there is bad enough. He also said he would never cheat and that he spends so much time with us that he is rarely not around, even working close to home and volunteering at school, church and coaching.

I get all that and he looks crushed AND his sister and Mom have talked to him about this. He swears nothing ever happened when he has gone to the seedy places, but I know some of these places have been busted. He is an executive. He comes from a totally close, religious, strong moral family. He held himself to be someone who frowned about this stuff.

He was vocal about guys who do this. Since this was discovered, I have gone through all phone records, bank statements in addition to GPS on his phone for as far back as a year. I have found no evidence of phone calls, text to any woman not business related, no gps was found at any houses or apartments or condos or hotels.

I have found no videos or texts from any women or agency or seedy place. But I could see when he went to the strip clubs, when he went to the massage parlors and I can see the phone calls he made to and from me and his family around the times he went to these places which feels very deceitful and above conscience.

He is in counseling, but we have yet to go together as a couple. Of course I feel like my romantic life and our marriage, our love story is a lie. I feel like my friendship with him is not ever going to be the same, and that my faith in him is crushed.

He even went to a strip club with high-end clients on a business trip and then went back to his room and searched for in room massage but his phone records and his text records show that no call was ever made that he did it as a fantasy like porn.

Or is it just all lies? It comes at a price. You are not fulfilling your promise to your children by keeping them in an abusive home. You are teaching them that it is okay to be abused. Children suffer from unhealthy situations just as you do. There is no way to hide this from the children, they know far more than you think.

Hi Mia His ED is to do with his porn addiction and need for an ever increasing high plus over work on his hand jobs.. Look at sites like myporn and brain disease you will understand it more then. The porn rewires the brain and partners become far less attractive than the fantasy they live on line.

I am 70 and my husband is 74! We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. After all the invites were sent out for a big celebration at our home, I was in his computer which I never touched before—I always trusted him implicitly looking for pictures of us during the past 50 years to put on a CD to play during the party.

I found pictures alright—yikes! What I saw was shocking! About 10 photos of him with some woman having wild sex with some guy watching them. I was floored and totally in shock! My daughter, her husband and five grandchildren were coming the next day and I knew I had to act normal until after the party.

I should have won an Academy Award pretending everything was okay. You seem so distant, so sad, not your perky self. We had the party, the family left, and I began to put two and two together. He was a Swinger and had had multiple encounters all over the United States with no telling how many Swinger Couples. My husband is a retired Lt. He never got another job which was when I became a top producing real estate agent to make ends meet and raise our then 9 year old daughter. Was I gone a lot?

Was he home a lot with nothing to do? I knew for about 20 years that he was addicted to alcohol and porn. My thoughts were that if he just looked and relieved himself, there was nothing wrong with that—all men do it.

The danger in that thinking is that Porn addiction leads to Sex Addiction. They can never seem to get enough. He was stopping all along the way, hooking up with every Swinger Couple and some single ladies and I am sure some prostitutes he could find along the way! The emails go back to We were married in Makes me wonder how long this has been going on. I feel so very, very stupid and embarrassed that a lifetime went by before I realized what was going on. He still does not know that I know.

I have gotten a zip drive and downloaded all of the pictures on it. I have printed off many of the email threads where the communication is a hook up. I have seen a therapist and have an attorney. He is a kind, sweet and sensitive man who has always been a great Father and Grandfather. I am not giving him the opportunity of changing his ways. Sex is way more important to him than I am. After all these years I do not want to ever see him again or be with him.

Our sex life has been non existent for a very long time. He has had penile dysfunction with me, but he sure did not have it with any of his encounters and I found out that Viagra is really expensive! The lying and deception are so hard to fathom.

This all makes me have a lump in my throat and sick to my stomach. I have requested that out of respect for me, he stay in the city where his Mother, Brother and Sister are, which is miles away from me. I prefer to live alone. Fortunately, I have a financial nest egg that includes three free and clear rental homes deeded as my sole and separate property from all of my years in real estate and many of my assets are my sole and separate so financially I am fine.

I am extremely independent and have lots of great, crazy girlfriends. I am sure I will miss his companionship but I will be glad to be rid of him. To all my younger sisters who are married to a sex addict—Good Luck! Pray a lot and get out of the marriage if you can! There is a better life out there for you. It is so completely eerie how similar our stories are!! Needless to say I can definitely relate! Welcome to the world of being married to a passive-aggressive narcissist.

One of the worst wives clubs to be apart of! Especially when you throw sex addiction into the mix! There is nothing more devastating than to realize the person you thought you knew, trusted, and loved completely is capable of such deception.

However, deception is part of deal. At least this has been my experience. I later found out my husband was sexually abused as a child. Keeping you in my prayers!!! You have a support system here! Christine and all the other women on here.. I am four months in since I found out about my husband and still a struggle Everyday.

Very hard and wish you the best of your life. I just found out recently that my husband of only 8 months was emailing photos of himself to gay men on Craigslist and propositioning them and talking all about what they wanted to do to each other. He chased me for years and I agreed to go on a drive with him one night and fell head over heels…Never imagining his true feelings. He said he wanted me for years and now it was everything he ever imagined and more.

He has a son …Early teens whom I love like my own. He swears he never met any of them and that it was just a game to him. I have been tested for every sexual disease and came back completely clean.

We are both around Only my best friend and her husband whom are a wonderful Christian couple. It has been several months and I am still with him. But things never went too far and except that weird fantasy in his head, we caring each other so much, meet up his family fies over his country, been lots of travelling, collected a lot happy memories together, I started falling in love and trusting him, at the 4th year, we planed our future and talk about marriage.

Back to my parents home and deal the hard feeling on my own. When I back home I found out another girl stuff already moved in, he went on lots of pornographers and added Random girls on fb. I just found out yesterday my husband of 6 years reached out to another woman to meet up while he was away for work. Never have I been so sick in my life especially when we had intercourse the night before and we were together when he did this.

His claim is he loves me and never would have had the balls to go through with it and it was his first time. My father was a cheater and I always swore I would never tolerate that. Husband was away for work while he was propositioning women on Craigslist. We had a very nice house, owned a business together, nice cars. We did things together, not sex but we never fought.

We talked about future retirement. The he pulls the rug out from under me. Well, he informed me he needed space. I decided to move out into the oceanfront condo. We still ran the business together. He had been looking at porn videos. Like other stories always a excuse! So I started checking the cell phone bills. He had been calling, texting Asian happy ending massage parlors in our town and frequently a woman back in New York.

I was so hurt, and confused. What did I do? Even when he had them at our house staying over while I was out of town on medical appts, or taking care of his mother.. He never stopped his addictive behavier. I have lost just sbout everuthing.

I trusted him, loved him, took care of him, he had me totslly convinced i had found my soulmate. We are both recovering drug addicts and I have been very active in a 12 step program, him, not so much.

Over the years I found little clues, but he would explain them away. I thought I was crazy because I was so paranoid and over the top with rage. I started seeking mental health treatment, was diagnosed bipolar. At first I caught him having an affair out of the country last year. He admitted that he had occasionally slept with prostitutes during our 8 year relationship.

We started marriage counseling and he got an AA sponsor, started working the steps. He had flown to Panama and met the girl while I was away on vacation. He lied about it in marriage counseling and about many other things. There were dozens of pictures of whores. I mean more than I had the stomach to count. There were many, many pictures of girls in that place.

I have a good career and a doctorate degree. I have wonderful friends and a great life outside my marriage. He went away for one night yesterday and I had a breakdown. I was shaking and full of anxiety. I lost 3 hours at work. Swear to god- lost 3 hours! Today I cried all morning. I feel like two people existing at the same time. But I cannot deal with the deceit. Thank you all for being here.

He was a porn addict, stalking women online, and only liked a girl that had no curves and a body of a child. I tried talking to him, he promised to stop, and I tested by taking the private browser off.

Well, of course it was taken down and he was looking up porn, or certain girls he liked to stalk within a few days I should have known by now.

I have became less attracted to him a little each time he lied. I am at the point now where I now know I can and will do better. I dated a child and a pathological liar. I should have known when I noticed that I was the only one doing things small or big to be romantic and help our relationship. I am getting out of this situation now, just waiting 2 more weeks for our lease to be up.

I have wasted 4 years of my life with him, when I could be with a real man, who commits, is not a porn addict or pathological liar.

I have turned down very nice, trusting, and handsome men so many times, because I was faithful. Now I wish I would have left him after 1 month. I would move on if I were you…. I feel like I lost 4 years of my life with a guy too, just recently found out that every time he was angry, he would go and pick up a hooker or anyone willing.

I feel sick and am very traumatized but I know the future looks bright, cause I finally found the strength to move on. I try not to think of it as a waste though, just a stepping stone to learning about my self on this self discovery as to why I would pick this type of man.

My story is somewhat similar. Two days ago I caught him sexting another girl for the third time. After confronting him yet again after talking with her… he spilled it. He watches porn excessively, he masterbates excessively and he calls 1 sex lines. So I went and stayed with my sister in law. She told me he has done this his entire life basically. What if he slips again and our daughter is here? I also just want to share my story and my experience being with my now 3-years boyfriend.

So basically, I am a single parent and I met my boyfriend at a hospital, where we both work. He is now working as a nurse, and I am currently half-way done with nursing school.

A month and a half ago, he revealed to me that his conscience has been eating him alive: He said, that he sees a future with me, and he wants to be with me, and he wants to marry me and have a family with me. So, he states that in order for our relationship to move forward, he wants to be able to give me an informed decision, as to wether or not to stay in a relationship with him. After knowing what he just told me, it absolutely shattered my heart. It felt like someone had punched me hard in my stomach and made me so nauseous and sick.

I love him so much, so I decided to forgive him for what he did. However, I have been realizing now that I could forgive him, but I could never forget what he did to me. However, prior to his revelation, l was also aware that he was watching a lot of pornographies, and was even spending a lot of money paying for pornography sites. He has his picture posted on the website, and I was able to actually also log into the adultfriendfinder website, and saw a lot of messages from random chicks offering sex to him.

I did not see any messages where he actually responded back to these girls, but just knowing that he had an online account at these websites makes me feel so disgusted.

I want to talk to him and ask him why? Why did he do this to me… Any advice on how I can approach or ask him about this concerns? Adultfriendfinder is a sex site and not joke.

Get yourself tested and move on with your life. Hi please be careful , I have been married for over 50 years and have had so many things happen that I should have realised was not right. AFtwr having my baby at 22 I caught my husband in bed with a photo of our last women home owner, she was a lot older than us but her husband took nude photos of her and took great delight in showing us, I was discussed Along time ago.

Anyway we bought a maisonettes and I had our daughter, my husband was on night work and had just gone to bed and I had problem with our baby, iI went to our bedroom to ask him to help and he had a photo of the women sticking out from the pillow, he did not answer when I asked why?

It went on to him buying porn books and hi duping in his ford van looking at them, I felt so so low just did not understand. He even after when the into the shed to look at porn books when we bought our bungalow after my daughter grew up, I was so upset and did not understand, I thought I was enough.

Any way I did start drinking as I was so down and eventually went to,AA to get off the drink, after 18 Months without a drink and doing phone service to help others, He went out one day and after an hour I got a phone call ,, it was his voice phoning our number by mistake asking where you are Karen and how much is the happy ending, when he vpcame home he dried it, but four days later he said it was him and did not need it. Ps I loved sex so do not understand even dressed up for him to turn him on.

Get yourself a therapist. You need to protect yourself and your child. You are not married and you have no children together. He has an addiction and does not seem interested in getting help. AdultFriendFinder is a pit of depravity that would make you vomit. I know it hurts but sometimes love is not enough to make a relationship work. Thought I was alone in this torment and a lie of a marriage. I met my husband 4 years ago and he immediately swept me off my feet.

I had just divorced my first husband of 10 years about 9 months before I met my husband now. I got divorced because he was a drug addict and stayed out all night until the drugs ran out.

I had refused to raise our two young sons around that. So my new love was aware of my previous reason for divorce and what I dealt with. Promising that he nothing like that in any way.

So, about a year later we got engaged then married 1 and a half years ago. Everything was so perfect at first. Then last year, he lost his job bc of the oil market, we sold our home to have money to live off of until a new job came up. Well, his behavior changed dramatically! I ended up leaving him for a short time to get him to see the err of his ways.

Lots of tears and empty promises unfortunately. Until, 3 days ago when something told me to look up his old phone records from last year. My gut had told me these past 6 months since we got back together that something was not right. Much to my surprise, he has been contacting escorts very often. If I confront him about it he will deny it, even with the proof.

Just makes me mad that he divorced his ex-wife over cheating when he basically does the same thing! Fell in love married had three blessed children with this wonderful man. Surfs works hard always provided. He went outside and his on his phone. Went to bed and forgot about it. Early next morning he was sitting in the dark and told me he has been getting happy endings and blowjobs. He left for work. I remembered N old email he had logged in and found emails to a gay guy that he was sending sick pictures to and nasty my dicks so hard fuck now?

So I took a screen shot and sent it to him to explain. Found out he had had two affairs while working at stater Bria early in our marriage. Then I asked him for the phone records log in info. He has been calling numerous Sex lines off of backpage and craigslist, for our whole marriage like 10 years. I then found a tranny app that he had been paying tyrannies to be a bottom and would even suck their dicks too he told me his first experience was while getting a haircut and a tranny seduces him.

He likes it and kept going back. If you go into your Appt store unde update, you can look at purchases apps and it shows all!!! They downloAd these apps to meet then they delete them after setting something up. I got tested and made him to sick to think he would have a dick and some guys cum in his mouth. Always had a good sex life and did things normal women would not for their straight husbands.

He is serial cheater and has gotten with everything women men trannys. When men cheat, they always turn it around and say their exes cheated on them. It help me understand a lot. Found backpage website in his web history on phone and phone numbers numerous times. I just had his second child and saw this when baby was 7 weeks old.

And two years ago I seen escort agency number dialed. Pieces are coming together. He is a drug addict and when has money he leaves for the night and now I know what he is doing.

He denies it and says its his friends looking them up. I have his phone records and see the numbers and googled them and of pix of those sick parasites posing for camera dirty dirty humans destroying my life. Should i hire a private investigator with the no money I have or is this enough evidence. He also comes home showered after his drug nights now I know. I am very decent looking he has ruined my self esteem.

I am planning on leaving him…need advice. I cant live with him with my children anymore. Or look at him. I, too, am in shock. I found out 3 weeks ago that my prince has been having a cyber affair with a man for 7 years. I became suspicious in September of last year when I caught him typing to a shemale online. He lied and said all he does is look…. A message from his boyfriend…. I confronted him 3 weeks ago, and he confessed to his affair with this man.

I love him, but will I ever be enough for him sexually? I even bought a strap on to make him maybe desire me instead of a shemale. I want him happy sexually, but I doubt I can do that for him. I told him I was willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy his sexual urges. I think his struggle is not talking to men and having sex with them online.

Please pray for me, that I can work through this. I found out my husband of 16 years has been going to escorts on backpage. Girls as young as 19, we have a 16 year old daughter — how gross is that! He makes me sick. I found these escort numbers 2 years ago and we went to great lengths to change his phone number because he said it was spam and someone hacked his phone. Now too much evidence is adding up. Thank you ladies for sharing your story. Is anyone not worried about diseases?

We advocate a full STD panel for any women who discovers that she is in a relationship with a sex addict, even if he swears it is only porn.

They all say that. My situation is a bit different,I have a male friend we use to be more years ago,he would text me on and off for a few years. To be blunt he gave me an std,I was devastated,embarrassed thankfully it was easy to cure and I learned a valuable lesson. A few months ago he texts general hi how are you then right into vulgar sexual texts. I know he has issues and honestly I think what he went through in his childhood really shut his emotions off,I had some sympathy.

He works for a sports organization and there it was on their website,the happy couple,the lavish wedding,baby registry and his son was born a few weeks ago. So the whole time he was sexting me,sending me videos of himself pleasuring himself and trying to set up a date to come down and have sex,his wife was pregnant. He hides and has different face books and Twitter etc from different people. He was so specific in one text that he did not wanna use condoms.

I never met up with him and told him to stop texting me. Get to a doctor and get a complete medical exam and blood work. Tell the Dr your concerns and they will know which tests to order. My husband he infected me and didnt tell me his secret so I could seek medical care. He destroyed any chance of becoming a father with me. His choice in whores were girls were 22 years old and younger.

I told him it equates to rape to insert himself into something that small. He is in his own hell dealing with those memories, failure as a husband, a protector and a man. A counselor advised me to remember who I was and what I wanted out of life prior to marriage, use discernment regarding money matters, stick to my decisions and walk into my destiny with confidence praying hard every step of the way.

Been here and done this. Everybody got counseling and we are coming out of the other side. My situation did not involve any actual contact, just cruising, emails and texts with Craigslist before we were in a relationship and secret phone sex during the relationship which I discovered from phone bills after a big fight where he moved out. Our sex life was practically non-existent due to ED. My guy had been a bachelor for 20 years and had learned some habits for non-committal contact.

We both have come to understand that this situation was not as much sex addiction as it was a serious communication problem between us that led to great dissatisfaction for both of us — especially in the bedroom. Put all your energy into self-esteem work and get counseling. There is a TON of great resources out there on the internet, books, etc. The answers will become apparent.

This is exactly what I am going through with my husband. OMG — so many signs but no concrete evidence. He too was single for 38 years.. Thank you for this website…. Men can just put it behind them as if nothing happend but its not so easy for us women…I realy struggle with it and need answers: God bless this website……Shalom……. I finally left my marriage Oct. I found out 6 months after we were married that he was posting almost daily on craigslist for sex with other men.

I cracked his email account and craigslist account. He had been posting ads and meeting men for sex since and we met in early As with most of the other posts he made promise after promise that he was going to stop and to this day even after I have moved out and filed for divorce he is begging and promising for another chance. I wish I had left when I first found out but I wanted to believe all his promises.

The posts here are right about one thing SAs are convincing liars and they will never change. Diane Thank you for your sharing your story. Even though it was difficult for your transition you still had the courage to make your move and walk by faith.

That helps a lot. You made it out healthy which is a blessing. My heart goes out to you. His death gave me my life back, and if given the chance to re-do everything, I would never have married him, though, he was the love of my life. Run, and never look back. I have so much on my mind. I feel like I am about to explode. I have been married to my denying SAH for 19 years. I was married before him to an alcoholic. We had a terrific son and before my son was 5 he left us because he raped me and the counselor we were going to advised him if the relationship became abusive he would have to report it.

It was the typical father son relationship where the dad never showed up of corse but I was always glad because I was afraid of his safety. When my son was around 10 we met my now husband that we thought was my night in shinning armor. Me being a naive raised christian girl I have put up with a lot. First just before we were married I found tons of porn videos that he said was because he was single and it kept him from cheating, then just days before the wedding he had brought his mail to my house and I found out that he was having phone sex and I brought to his attention and he told me how sorry he was and that he has a problem and he would do anything and please help him.

Yea I fell for that too! Then after we were married so many things happened and it was always me being jealous or one thing or the other.

I have always had pretty good self esteem but I felt it dropping … Fast. Well I found more and more things that just added up to much like my son finding sex videos in his VCR. SO just when I was getting ready because of that. I find out in three and a half months pregnant at 38 years old. I was completely devastated and did not know what to do. So here we go, well he was not so nice to my son after that but I did not find that out till later.

But mean while at our sons about age 3 I stumble across these phone numbers in his appointment book with names to them some women some men oh these numbers toll free numbers and long distance numbers. I forgot to mention that all during this marriage I have been the bread winner he is a hair dresser and apparently playing the bachelor role as a married man. I called some of these numbers and I was sick some of the numbers were even gay men call.

So yes I went nuts and I did not know what to do he is a smooth talker and. Knew he would talk his way out of it so. Needed hard core proof.

I did the craziest thin I put a tape player on our phone line he still thinks. Hired a private detective I never said what I did but I have a tape full and I cannot get it out of my head 13 years later. I even here him talking to men and it sounded like he was enjoying that way more than being with me. I kept to myself as long as I could cause I Did not know what to do.

In the mean time before I found this I was ding everything I could t make him want me and not do these thing. Well yea because I did not want my two year old alone with him I stuck it out. No I have not wanted sex with him and I focused on other things like my kids and played softball and anything I could do to keep him away from me.

Well the worst thing in the world happened to me on May 12 My oldest son was shot and killed right in front of me because his neighbor saw us outside playing around and she thought he was hurting me so with no questions ask sh came over and killed him.

It has been awful. I have been at my parents house with my son because it was so hard to be in the house that I had raised him in and had been in since he was born. March just before this happened I came home from a ball tournament early and did not stay over night and he was not home but that is another long story but he never really got that straight with me before this happened to my son.

He was with me for the first year and half at my parents house then he went back to our house, my house. Well guess what this man who is trying soo…. Hard is having regular phone sex on his cell phone with gay men for at least two hours at a time. While I am still trying hard in my state of grief to work to support my son and granddaughter my son left behind and paying the bills at my house that he is living in.

At the same time I know m not a good mom when I have all this on me from his dad at the same time. I need help if anyone has any suggestion please help.

Why am I like this? It is the craziest thing. I would not expect anyone else to live like this so why do I? Feel sorry for your life. Horrible past mostly will turn one into evil, glad it did not happen to u. Try to do things make u happy, if there are none, force yourself try new thing, maybe u will love one of them.

And start travel, see the world, relax your mind. Online read more related topic till it help u change your mindset and can let go of the horrible past. Oh my … I felt so overwhelmed and alone, till now! I am mortified, he lied confessed a little, I dug deeper over days and he confessed a little more, then I dug some more you know how it goes. So what on earth am I to do? Be suspicious and make myself crazy forever? Or rip my heart out and leave him? I will always doubt him, and probably every man.

Amelia, our stories are almost identical. I thought we had a wonderful marriage until 3 weeks ago when I found a secret cellphone he left in the bathroom. He was bringing these craigslist men to our house.

I also found nude pictures of him and texts and emails to different men asking how they enjoyed their sex together. I met with an attorney yesterday. I feel like our whole marriage was a sham. The same issues in our marriage.

We are married 4 years, have 2 kids. I saw him browsing the escort site within first couple months of our living together. He promised it will never happen again. He always spent nights at home, however he stayed downstairs late or even slept on the couch most of the time.

He explained me that that its cooler downstairs znd he likes to watch tv late. Three moth ago after seeing text message on his phone, I realized that it was not so innocent. I changed history settings on laptop and I was literally shockec by what I saw. Escort services websites, live sex chats, porn and other. And it was for hours and hours every day! We talked after my discovery, he promised he would never do it again, and said he never cheatedon me or met anybody in real life.

So he stooped using laptop, but he was on his cell phone all the time. I changed history setting again and tada! Please I need some advise what to do and how to react, my feelings hurt so bad I cant think clearly. How to find out if he meets some prostitutes from these escort sites? How to persuade him to go to therapist?

Thank you for any response! Hi Julia, I am so sorry for your pain. The Sisterhood of Support offers a safe, private support system where you can ask questions, share your story and find resources, answers and benefit from the wisdom of women who have experienced the trauma of a deceitful relationship.

Please consider giving it a try. To find out more click here. Hi Julia Check bank statements and phone bill details. Look for cash withdrawals and multiple calls to the same number within close date range. Whores have a verification system so they dont get caught by the police.

Cheaters use green dot cards, Skype sex and Google numbers too. They also text pictures that expire and disappear so copy them immediately if you need them for your records. You can use these records if you decide to leave him. I hope that you are all finding strength and courage to deal with your respective situations. I am 30, met my now-husband when I was We just clicked, I knew I would marry him the day I met him. We dated for 2 years before getting engaged, he got on so well with all my friends and family, and I his.

Our sex life was incredible, up until my d-day, which was 5 months ago one month before our 1st wedding anniversary. I questioned him, and he eventually revealed that they had slept together briefly before him and I got together. I was angry that he let four years go by and not tell me he used to date this girl! I died a little bit that day.

But, God, do I wish that was all there was! He also revealed that before we met, he used Gaydar to hook up and have oral sex with men.

I thought we had a brilliant relationship, we were very intimate, emotionally and physically. I did notice he spent a lot of time online, but it was always on music forums when I looked over his shoulder. It would devastate everyone we know if they found out, everyone loves him as he is kind, witty, humble and very generous. He seems genuinely disgusted with himself, as if he only really realised what he was doing when I repeated it all back to him.

He knew my thoughts on online affairs, he knows I see it as betrayal. Is it really true that an SA never changes? I should say that I have proof that this behaviour predates me.. Can I really trust him again? He seems really motivated to change, almost relieved that I found out and now he can face it and get help.

I just really feel like I want to give him a chance…am I nuts? These stories are so sad. I am living the same story right now. I found out 5 weeks ago about my fiance. I kicked him out the day I found out and he has been out ever since.

He is staying on his friends couches. He has slept with at least 20 prostitutes and not used condoms. I found out tuesday that he also slept with transexuals. Found his emails to craigslist ads. He always said he was fully straight and had no interest in sex with a man. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. He has been going to SLAA for 5 weeks and has 4 weeks clean now.

He is picking up a 1 month chip tonight. I just want him out of my life. I want the pain out of my life. But we have this little girl coming. She of course is my highest priorty and I want to protect her from him and all his toxic obsessions.

There is no way to trust someone who canlie liek this. He wont tell me any more details. It is all so awful. So many deceitful husbands…… so many heartbroken wives……. What percentage of men think and act this way? Your sex addict partner will tell you that all men think and act this way because he wants to believe that he is normal.

But what is normal for men? Thanks for the page. So glad there are recent posts on here. I met my husband in on a street corner and it was love at first site. He moved in a month later and despite all my friends gasping in horror — he was black and 20 years younger — they quickly came to love him as much as I did and would often say that was all they wanted in life — to find a relationship like ours.

WE got married 3 months later. This was my third marriage and I have to say I have never felt so totally loved, content, happy in my life. Three months later I woke up at 3 am and grabbed his phone — I have NO idea why and have never done that before to anyone. That he had done it once before he met me and he had met them before he met me — he swore on his grandmother, everything on earth — that he had never cheated. A week later I found a list of posts that he had made on that site — posted the day he asked me to marry me, the day before our wedding, on our honeymoon — looking for couples.

After a month of tears — mostly his — and long talks my son talked me into giving him another chance. A year and a half later we were going strong — madly in love, moved state, work going well.

But we have this little girl coming. One thing, I differ on and hear me out, please… WE think that he is aware that his withholding sex, frustrating us is something that he must surely understands on some level. He is an executive. I found out 6 months after we were married that he was posting almost daily on craigslist for sex with other men. I should say that I have proof that this behaviour predates me.

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